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NNOMY Membership 1 NNOMY Membership

Documents and forms for NNOMY members and membership.

Alternatives To The Military 62 Alternatives To The Military

Materials for providing alternative solutions to joining the military including a section of documents outlining available options to a non-military future for young people by state.

Access to schools 1 Access to schools

Information about accessing schools to counter recruiters. Also, see School Board Policies.

Audio Reports 11 Audio Reports

Interviews and audio essays on CR issues and military recruitment.

Changing Policies 0 Changing Policies

Documents about changing military recruitment policies.

Art Against War 9 Art Against War

Links to artist collectives, individual artists and exhibitions and community projects utilizing a theme of anti war.

Convention on the Rights of the Child 1 Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the first legally binding international instrument to incorporate the full range of human rights—civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. In 1989, world leaders decided that children needed a special convention just for them because people under 18 years old often need special care and protection that adults do not. The leaders also wanted to make sure that the world recognized that children have human rights too.

The Convention sets out these rights in 54 articles and two Optional Protocols. It spells out the basic human rights that children everywhere have: the right to survival; to develop to the fullest; to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation; and to participate fully in family, cultural and social life. The four core principles of the Convention are non-discrimination; devotion to the best interests of the child; the right to life, survival and development; and respect for the views of the child. Every right spelled out in the Convention is inherent to the human dignity and harmonious development of every child. The Convention protects children's rights by setting standards in health care; education; and legal, civil and social services.

By agreeing to undertake the obligations of the Convention (by ratifying or acceding to it), national governments have committed themselves to protecting and ensuring children's rights and they have agreed to hold themselves accountable for this commitment before the international community. States parties to the Convention are obliged to develop and undertake all actions and policies in the light of the best interests of the child.

Curricula/Classroom Resources 11 Curricula/Classroom Resources

Classroom materials for teaching about peace in school.

Citizenship 1 Citizenship

Documents that research the emerging issues around citizenship in a nationalist and globalist context.

Demilitarization 5 Demilitarization

Documents and guides offering strategies for demilitarization.

Documentaries/Films 9 Documentaries/Films

Documentaries and films about counter-militarism.

Enlisted Personnel 12 Enlisted Personnel

Documents for enlisted military personnel.

Draft 4 Draft

Documents about military conscription.

Facts & Figures 62 Facts & Figures

Documents about military, recruitment and war realities.

Funding Sources 5 Funding Sources

Organizations or foundations who fund anti-war and/or counter militarism activism in the United States of America.

Government Documents 42 Government Documents
Main Document Sites: check these sites for new versions if any of the links to specific documents inside the government documents folder do not work

listUSAREC Electronic Publications:

listUS Military Entrance Processing Command Electronic Publications:

listDoD Forms Management Program:

All JROTC documents.

Magazines/Comic books 5 Magazines/Comic books

Magazines and comics produced about counter-militarism.

Militarization of Education 5 Militarization of Education

Documents about the increasing militarization of the public classrooms within the United States educational system, including JROTC, ROTC, Corps Programs, and the access and influence of military programs and recruiters in K - 12 and in the college and university.

Legal Resources 3 Legal Resources

Links to legal counseling resources available on the web.

NCRD 2009 Conference Documents 71 NCRD 2009 Conference Documents

These documerts pertain to the National Counter Recruitment and Demilitarization 2009 Conference held July 17-19 in Chicago. Here you can find the conference schedule, basic fact sheets and documents pertaining to individual workshops. 

Military Charter Schools 1 Military Charter Schools

Documents relevant to the increasing trending of military charter schools forming in partnership with the DoD.

Militarism & War 2 Militarism & War

Documents about militarism and war.

Music 15 Music

Music sources to counter-militarism in popular culture.

This page can be accessed and referred at the following URL:

Pamphlets/Reports 39 Pamphlets/Reports

Pamphlets and documents in the following categories: ASVAB, Conscientious Objection, Delayed Entry Program, General Counter-recruitment information, Opt Out, Pentagon Database (JAMRS), Reports, and School Board Policies

Parents 2 Parents

Documents for parents of perspective military recruits.

Pentagon Database (JAMRS) 1 Pentagon Database (JAMRS)

Documents about the Pentagon Database (JAMRS)

Recruiting & Targeted Communities 3 Recruiting & Targeted Communities

Documents about military recruiters targeting specific ethnic communities.

Recruitment Data 5 Recruitment Data

Data about Recruitment

Recruiter Abuses 1 Recruiter Abuses

Resource documents including articles about recruiter abuses.

Recruiter methods manuals/regulations 1 Recruiter methods manuals/regulations

Recruiter manuals, pamphlets, and other resources.

School-Based CR 4 School-Based CR

Documents about counter-recruitment in school.

School Board Policies 21 School Board Policies

Documents about school board policies regionally.

Toolkits/guides 16 Toolkits/guides

Guides, kits and other how-to resources tailored for counter-recruitment organizers.

Trainings/Trainers 7 Trainings/Trainers

Resources and materials for learning about or teaching about counter-recruitment from experience on the ground.

Video Reports 29 Video Reports

Links to YouTube, Google, and other online video files about counter-recruitment.

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