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Ten Points to Consider Before You Sign a Military Enlistment AgreementAlso available in spanish
Do You Know Enough to Enlist? Do You Know Enough to Enlist?hot!Tooltip 02/20/2007 Hits: 6670
Do You Know Enough To Enlist (English) | AFSCMilitary recruiters and advertisements promise:

* Job training
* Money for College
* Adventure
* Leadership Skills

Before you join, take a good look at what you are getting into.
Produced by the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth
August 2013 Revision of AFSC Document 02/20/2007
Created Date: Apr 1, 2010
American Friends Service Committee

Full Picture BrochureFull Picture allies with school communities in the San Francisco Bay Area to balance the information and impact of military recruitment campaigns, by supporting and empowering all of our youth and their families to make informed decisions about the variety of options available for creating bright and self-determined futures.

Full Picture Materials Download Page:

To order materials, contact The Full Picture at: or contact us at

telephone: 415 565 0201 #24
address: 65 Ninth Street San Francisco, CA 94103

HOW TO HANDLE DIFFICULT QUESTIONSTeachers have stated that they are sometimes in an uncomfortable position when students ask them what they think.  As representatives of the State, teachers must respond thoughtfully and carefully.  Since the issue of military recruiting is laden with emotional overtones and raises the issue of patriotism, it can be a difficult subject to discuss objectively and rationally.  How do we handle the difficult questions?

Know Before You Go, 'Cause There's No Reset ButtonKnow Before You Go, 'Cause There's No Reset Button is a collaboration with the Ya-Ya Network (Youth Activists-Youth Allies), a youth of color-led antimilitarist organization based in NYC.

(updated version: 12/13/2011 Folks should discard any other recent versions you are distributing)

Our leaflet breaks down the enlistment contract and life in the military and provides new stats about sexual assault in the military, racial disparities in becoming an officer, and stop-loss.

Written to be accessible to everyone while providing the most important info for making a fully informed choice about joining the military, this leaflet will be a staple for counter-recruiters.


Available  on our online store for $0.15/copy plus 20% shipping.

Military Sexual Assault Fact SheetFact sheet from American Friends Service Committee Colorado about Sexual Assault in the Military.

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Military Recruitment and Students' Rights (English and Spanish) (2010)

No Student Left Unrecruited? Military Recruitment and Students' Rights Many educators, students, and parents have reported that United States Military recruiters are using heavy-handed tactics to harass students, violate their privacy rights, and target poor students and students of color in schools. To help prevent these violations, students must opt out of both the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) recruiter access provision and the Joint Advertising Market Research and Studies program (JAMRS) database.

En español - Ningun Estudiante Se Quede Sin Reclutar (versión texto)



Questions for military recruiters, afscQuestions to ask a military recruiter from American Friends Service Committee.

The Military's Not Just a Job The Military's Not Just a Jobhot!Tooltip 01/28/2010 Hits: 5621
The Military's Not Just a Job - Project YANOWhat You Should Know Before Joining the Military."
General counter-recruitment brochure for young people. Version 4-2009.
Also available in spanish
This brochure is produced by Project YANO, but for bulk orders go to the War Resisters League.

The New Yorkers' Guide to Military Recruitment in 5 boroughsThis free 64-page, pocket-sized book includes everything a New Yorker needs to know about military recruitment and resources for counter-recruitment in NYC. Profiles of former soldiers sit side-by-side information on the enlistment contract, military myths, the No Child Left Behind Act, action/legal resources, a Harper's-style index of facts, and much more. At the heart of the book is an opt-out form that students can tear out, fill in, and hand over to their school administrators to prevent their contact information from being released to recruiters. 

Think Again Brochure from Penn Army of NoneCounter-recruitment brochure from Penn Army of None - 2011
Disponible en español

intended for non-citizens looking to join the military for immigration benefits, to let them know what to be aware of immigration-wise before approaching a recruiter.
Print Size: 8½ x 14 (double sided)
(Designed to be printed with Spanish and English back-to-back)

What Every Girl Should Know About the US Military: Consider This Before You EnlistA great pamphlet produced by the War Resisters League and the Women of Color Resource Center.(Be sure print both sides of this pamphlet, preferably on 8.5 x 14" legal-size paper since it consists of four panels instead of three)

Contra el reclutamiento folleto de Penn Ejército de ningunoContra el reclutamiento folleto de Penn Ejército de ninguno - 2011

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