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All the reports and articles here were all published by reputable journalistic or government agencies. The first five were published in 2005 and 2006. #6 is the written version of a TV news investigative report by an Atlanta station, in which Quaker house was involved. This report shows that these patterns of recruiter abuse are nothing new.

All the articles are reproduced strictly for educational purposes.

1. An Army of one wrong recruit (Autistic)

2. FBI: Recruiters caught in drug probe

3. Soldier, 17, says recruiter forged parental release

4. Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist

5. Government Accountability Office Report: Military Recruiting: DOD [Department of Defense] and Services Need Better Data to Enhance Visibility over Recruiter Irregularities

6. 1999: G.I. Lies – WAGA TV Atlanta Investigative Report

7. How Far Will Army Recruiters Go? (Faking drug test results)

8. Hardball Recruiter Gets Promoted (Despite deceiving recruits)

9. Army suspends recruitment to
address ethics breaches--

10. CBS NEWS:Sexual Abuse By Military Recruiters (August 2006)

11. Associated Press: No Sex Charges for
S.C. Guard Recruiter (Sex with students; January 2007)

Source: Quaker House

A Collection of Reports

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