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Music sources to counter-militarism in popular culture.

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Makana - We Are The Many Makana - We Are The ManyTooltip 11/18/2011 Hits: 3335

Makana - We are the manySubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

You enforce your monopolies with guns
While sacrificing our daughters and sons
But certain things belong to everyone
Your thievery has left the people none

T.Jefferson Band - Dyin' For Oil T.Jefferson Band - Dyin' For OilTooltip 11/17/2011 Hits: 3423

T. Jefferson Band - Dyin for OilSubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

CCR - Fortunate SonSubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

The well known Vietnam war protest song Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Pictures are Iraq/Vietnam war and protest pictures

 Masters of War - Bob Dylan Masters of War - Bob DylanTooltip 11/17/2011 Hits: 3484

Richie Havens - Handsome JohnnySubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

John Lennon - Imagine John Lennon - ImagineTooltip 11/17/2011 Hits: 3562
our soldiers - krs-one our soldiers - krs-oneTooltip 11/17/2011 Hits: 3582

KRS One - Our SoldiersSubmitted by Oskar Castro on OskarCastro/Facebook

Jackson BrowneSubmitted by Judson Whitham on NNOMY Peace/Facebook

"Lives in the Balance", with its Andean pan pipes , was an outcry against U.S.-backed wars in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The song was used at several points in the award-winning 1987 PBS documentary, "The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis", by journalist Bill Moyers, and was part of the soundtrack of "Stone's War, a 1986 Miami Vice episode focusing on American involvement in Central America.

Bob Marley - No More War TroubleSubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

Saul Williams - Not in Our nameSubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

Saul Williams reading "The Pledge of Resistance" live.

Joshua James - Crash This TrainSubmitted by Judson Whitham on NNOMY Peace/Facebook

Neil Young - Living With War Neil Young - Living With War hot!Tooltip 11/17/2011 Hits: 4151

Neil Young - Living with WarSubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

Pink - Dear Mr. PresidentSubmitted by Judson Whitham on NNOMY Peace/Facebook

Rich Mans War by Steve Earle Rich Mans War by Steve Earle hot!Tooltip 11/18/2011 Hits: 4205

Steve Earl - Rich Mans WarSubmitted by NNOMYpeace/Facebook

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