folder Downloads

folder Access to schools

Information about accessing schools to counter recruiters. Also, see School Board Policies.

folder Alternatives To The Military

Materials for providing alternative solutions to joining the military including a section of documents outlining available options to a non-military future for young people by state.

folder Audio Reports

Interviews and audio essays on CR issues and military recruitment.

folder Curricula/Classroom Resources

Classroom materials for teaching about peace in school.

folder Demilitarization

Documents and guides offering strategies for demilitarization.

folder Documentaries/Films

Documentaries and films about counter-militarism.

folder Government Documents

Main Document Sites: check these sites for new versions if any of the links to specific documents inside the government documents folder do not work

listUSAREC Electronic Publications:

listUS Military Entrance Processing Command Electronic Publications:

listDoD Forms Management Program:

folder Pamphlets/Reports


Pamphlets and documents in the following categories: ASVAB, Conscientious Objection, Delayed Entry Program, General Counter-recruitment information, Opt Out, Pentagon Database (JAMRS), Reports, and School Board Policies

folder Parents


Documents for parents of perspective military recruits.

folder Recruiter Abuses

Recruiter Abuses

Resource documents including articles about recruiter abuses.

folder School Board Policies

School Board Policies

Documents about school board policies regionally.

folder Toolkits/guides

Guides, kits and other how-to resources tailored for counter-recruitment organizers.

folder Trainings/Trainers


Resources and materials for learning about or teaching about counter-recruitment from experience on the ground.

folder Video Reports

Video Reports

Links to YouTube, Google, and other online video files about counter-recruitment.

folder Websites: Find A Group

Websites:  Find A Group

Links to the web sites of CR groups nationally and by state.

Resources: Downloads and Links

This section contains documents that support an informed counter-recruitment community. They include materials in various media developed by CR groups and others. The documents include government documents relevant to military recruitment procedures and national and regional school policy documents. The collection includes MSWord, Text, MSPowerPoint and PDF documents, in addition to links to outside web sites that provide videos and audio archives. They are listed to your left by Category.