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Pre-filing for C.O. Status - What if the draft were re-instated?
Details for Pre-filing for C.O. Status - What if the draft were re-instated?
NamePre-filing for C.O. Status - What if the draft were re-instated?

Pre-filing  for C.O. FilingBecause of the pressures and incremental gains of on-going C-R operations and the problems the military has in enlisting personnel during good economic times (translated: low unemployment), there has been some talk of a draft re-instatement. There is no serious talk of reinstating the draft.  The SSS budget is approximately the same as it was in 1980 when Jimmy Carter resumed draft registration (25 million) so in real dollars adjusted for inflation, it is less. Hardly an indication of getting ready to reinstate the draft. If this were to be a universal draft for universal service, there might be some national benefit in that. This statement is opinion-  and debatable. However, if draftees would be targeted primarily toward military service (a certainty), we would be ready to provide whatever assistance we could in helping our youth apply for conscientious objector (CO) status. - Submitted by JMCNRICK- Sep 4, 2011

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