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College Not CombatCounter recruitment work involves many segments of the community, representing activists from religious groups, ethically motivated veterans whom have seen the dangers and contradictions of illegal wars, parents who are seeking a better future for their children and students working to de-militarize their schools. NNOMY has established the COMMUNITY ACTION PAGE as a starting point for helping potential activists decide which category best describes themselves and assembling the appropriate resources to get started planning how  to organize your work as a group or individual.

Here are some recommended links available to better inform you as a community activist. This is a work in progress and NNOMY will be adding new documents as they are prepared and as policies change that effect enlistment. Check back periodically.

Resource Pages:

  • The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth 2014 Back-to-school Kit for Counter-recruitment and School Demilitarization Organizing is now available to assist you in understanding the work, your rights, and the challenges to return to the public schools to counter-recruit. Please visit this page and review the materials we have assembled for you and feel free to ask questions as well at Our Contact Page and we will do our best to answer you or your group in a timely manner.
  • For Parents
  • For Students
  • For Teachers
  • For Enlisted Personnel

Principle Issues and materials to inform you as an activist:



Organizations you should know:

Articles on the web:

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    NNOMY Reader

    Tooltip Learning the Issues about Youth Demilitarization

    NNOMY ReaderThe NNOMY Reader is a useful primer to learn about the realities of military recruitment, the militarism effecting our youth in schools and our opportunities for peaceful coexistance. This collection of articles represents a historical overview of the U.S. based counter-recruitment movement's strategies to inform and intervene in schools and the community about the Pentagon's multi-billion dollar programs to recruit America's youth into escalating wars. The NNOMY Reader also includes some information on alternatives to enlistment, as well as research presented by activists and investigators on the nature and risks of cultural militarization and how it  threatens our democracy. Learn more

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    DMZ: A Guide

    DMZ GuideGet connected to youth counter recruitment activists all over the country. Check out DMZ: A Guide to Taking Your School Back from the Military an organizing guide for high school students interested in keeping the military out of our schools. We offer counter recruitment workshops and trainings for students, activists, and educators on a regular basis. Email for more information. From Ya-Ya Network & War Resisters League

    Know Before You Go, 'Cause There's No Reset Button

    wrl_yaya_pampletKnow Before You Go, 'Cause There's No Reset Button is a collaboration with the Ya-Ya Network (Youth Activists-Youth Allies), a youth of color-led antimilitarist organization based in NYC.

    Our leaflet breaks down the enlistment contract and life in the military and provides new stats about sexual assault in the military, racial disparities in becoming an officer, and stop-loss.

    Written to be accessible to everyone while providing the most important info for making a fully informed choice about joining the military, this leaflet will be a staple for counter-recruiters.

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    Available at War Resisters League

    Stop starbase in your school

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