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Endless War: How Shooting Games Perpetuate War as the New Normal Patricia Hernandez -As of this year, the war on Afghanistan has been going on for over a decade--making it the longest standing war that the United St...
"The Dark Knight Rises", Media Violence, & Social Change Jennifer Epps - It seems obvious to me that the Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting and the close-on-its-heels massacre at the Sikh temple make the nee...
100 percent (Militarized) American April 4, 2010 Maximilian Forte -
Creating Killers and Dyers Tony Soldo - US Empire Propaganda is very powerful. Notice the increase in military recruiting ads on prime time TV news, sports, comedy, drama, an...
Militainment: U.S. Military Propaganda in the News Media, Hollywood, and Video Games June 13, 2010 Maximilian Forte - “Propaganda is at its most effective when the audience does not know it is being manipulated and one of the best, ...
Play virtual war as much as you like, but don’t shoot at the Red Cross! Permanent Observatory on Small Arms, Security and Defence Policies (OPAL) - (See article of origin from International Red Cross below Notes on this P...
Report shows violence in movies, games can trigger agressive thoughts and feelings Pat Curtis - Two researchers at Iowa State University are part of an international team that’s issued a new report on the effects of exposure to vio...
Returning Fire: Interventions in Video Game Culture Making Contact: National Radio Project - At the mall, online, and even within the US military. Interactive, realistic, pro-war video games have become...
The Impact of Media Violence on Children and Adolescents: Opportunities for Clinical Interventions Eugene V Beresin, M.D. - While violence is not new to the human race, it is an increasing problem in modern society. With greater access to firearms ...
Violence, USA: The Warfare State and the Brutalizing of Everyday Life Henry A. Giroux - Since 9/11, the war on terror and the campaign for homeland security have increasingly mimicked the tactics of the enemies they so...

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NNOMY ReaderThe NNOMY Reader is a useful primer to learn about the realities of military recruitment, the militarism effecting our youth in schools and our opportunities for peaceful coexistance. This collection of articles represents a historical overview of the U.S. based counter-recruitment movement's strategies to inform and intervene in schools and the community about the Pentagon's multi-billion dollar programs to recruit America's youth into escalating wars. The NNOMY Reader also includes some information on alternatives to enlistment, as well as research presented by activists and investigators on the nature and risks of cultural militarization and how it  threatens our democracy. Learn more

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Hollywood Warfare: How the Pentagon Censors the Movies

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Making Contact - The New Face of Military Recruiting

Stretched to supply the manpower to fight two wars, the US military has stepped up efforts to recruit teenagers and young adults.  Videogames, social networks, and the schools themselves are all fertile soil for Pentagon recruiters.  On this edition, guest host Anna Sussman hosts a roundtable discussion about the new face of military recruiting, and counter-recruiting efforts taking place. 


Sandra Schwartz, American Friends Service Committee San Francisco Peace Education Coordinator; David Ledesma, One Voice Executive Director; Sokthy Mean, Bay-Peace counter recruiter.

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