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» The Militarization of U.S. Culture

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La guerra sin fin: ¿Cómo Shooting Games perpetuar la guerra como la nueva normalidad Patricia Hernandez -A partir de este año, la guerra en Afganistán ha estado sucediendo desde hace más de una década - lo que es el más largo de la gue...
Endless War - Marines prepare for enlistment challenge Artículo no disponible en español - James Dao - Ad Campaign for Marines Cites Chaos as a Job Perk The war in Iraq is over, the troop reduction in A...
Militarismo y Guerras El militarismo es un sistema de valores que pone énfasis en la superioridad de unas personas sobre otras. Bajo el militarismo, las personas considerad...
Mission creep: the militarizing of America Artículo no disponible en español - THE PROGRESSIVEREVIEW From the March 1996 issue of the Progressive Review MILITARY PERSONEL BEING USED TO...
El consenso para el militarismo Jeff Cohen - Mientras que los medios de EE.UU. tiene algunas animado debate sobre la política y las cuestiones sociales - es decir, Fox News vs MSNBC...
El Pentágono es como el Vaticano John Stanton - ¿Por qué el liderazgo civil teme las fuerzas armadas? "Sólo el 17 por ciento de la fuerza de voluntarios sirve desde hace más ...
Veterans for Peace Call for an End to NATO Artículo no disponible en español - Veterans for Peace works for the abolition of war, and while that process will take many steps, one that should ...
Hacer la guerra y el Estado como una mafia Charles Tilly -Si la venta de protección representan el crimen organizado en su más suave, la guerra y el estado arriesgando decisiones - la venta de ...
War, Inc: The Benefits of Endless Conflict Artículo no disponible en español - Mark Taliano - In scenes hauntingly similar to those preceding the illegal invasion of Iraq, countries includi...
Wargasm: Militaristic imagery in popular culture Artículo no disponible en español - Simon Reynolds - Art ‘Weapons are tools not just of destruction but also of perception - that is to say, stimu...

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comixADICTO A LA GUERRA asume el militar más activa, poderosa y destructiva en el mundo. Cuenta la historia de las guerras extranjeras EE.UU. - de las guerras indias a las actuales guerras en Iraq y Afganistán - en formato cómic.

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People of the Bomb

Portraits of America’s Nuclear Complex - 2004 - Author: Hugh Gusterson

People of the BombHow the American military-industrial complex has invaded our consciousness to create consent for its programs

Integrating fifteen years of field research at weapons laboratories across the United States with discussion of movies, political speeches, media coverage of war, and the literature of defense intellectuals, Hugh Gusterson shows how the military-industrial complex has built consent for its programs and, in the process, taken the public “nuclear.”

Hugh Gusterson makes strange what we have taken for granted about living with bombs. People of the Bomb is a deeply informed consideration of what we desperately need to understand in new ways about ourselves and our political and scientific elites. — Catherine Lutz, author of Homefront: A Military City and the American 20th Century and Reading National Geographic
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The New American Militarism

How Americans Are Seduced by War

2005 - Author: Andrew J. Bacevich

	 The New American Militarism How Americans Are Seduced by WarIn this provocative book, Andrew Bacevich warns of a dangerous dual obsession that has taken hold of Americans, conservatives and liberals alike. It is a marriage of militarism and utopian ideology--of unprecedented military might wed to a blind faith in the universality of American values.

This perilous union, Bacevich argues, commits Americans to a futile enterprise, turning the US into a crusader state with a self-proclaimed mission of driving history to its final destination: the world-wide embrace of the American way of life. This mindset invites endless war and the ever-deepening militarization of US policy. It promises not to perfect but to pervert American ideals and to accelerate the hollowing out of American democracy. As it alienates others, it will leave the United States increasingly isolated. It will end in bankruptcy, moral as well as economic, and in abject failure.

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Source: Oxford University Press

The Militarization of Boys

How our culture wants to make boys like me into fighting machines.  Thank you Benny, Brad and Jo. I tried to find a gift for my seven year old grand son. The store had approximately 90% war toys such as weapons, armed vehicles, warriors with weapons, 5% super aggressive fighters without weapons and 5% cars,trucks and farm vehicles and misc. tricks? and toys. Anyone walking through this indoctrination aisle has to be in propaganda induced denial not to see what it means for our children. Unfortunately, that is the situation in our society. Again, thank you.

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