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Careers in Peacemaking and Social Change Why Am I A Peace Activist? Why Aren't You? Written for the collection, "Why Peace?"More than any other description, except for perhaps...

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Public power in the age of empire

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By Arundhati Roy

When language has been butchered and bled of meaning, how do we understand "public power"? When freedom means occupation, when democracy means neo-liberal capitalism, when reform means repression, when words like "empowerment" and "peacekeeping" make your blood run cold–why, then, "public power" could mean whatever you want it to mean. A biceps building machine, or a Community Power Shower. So, I’ll just have to define "public power" as I go along, in my own self-serving sort of way.

Peace and World Security Studies

The Hampshire-based Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS) is a multidisciplinary educational program designed to stimulate student and faculty interest in the study of critical international issues, especially those connecting issues of conflict and the environment.

The Director of PAWSS is Michael Klare, the Five College Professor of Peace and World Security Studies, based at Hampshire College

Making Effective Change: Social Movement Organizing and Activism

Occupy Santa Clarita Targets Infrastructure NeedsEvergreen College, Olympia, Washington - This program will examine methods of community organizing that educate and draw people into social movements, and methods of activism that can turn their interests and commitment into effective action. Key to this will be how movements construct and frame their strategies, using a toolkit of tactics. Our foundation will be the contemporary U.S. scene, but we’ll draw on historical roots and lessons from the past, as well as on models from other countries. It will be crucial for us to look at the contexts of global, national and regional movements, and how they shape (and are shaped by) events at the local scale.

Spring: Enrollment Accepting New Students CRN (Credit) Level 30038 (16) So - Sr

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Stop starbase in your school

YA-YA is seeking Youth Organizers!

Ya-Ya- Network Summer




Ya-Ya Network, New York City - Summer 2013 -The Ya-Ya Network is currently looking for smart, passionate and motivated young people (15-19 years old) with a strong interest in activism/social justice/community organizing. We want youth with an eye for injustice and an impatience to see positive change in their communities.

You will participate in political education workshops and develop organizing skills so that you can put your ideals into action.

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Christian Peacemaker Corps:

Harmeet SoodenCPT workers make up what we call the "Peacemaker Corps." Teams of trained Corps members enter emergency situations of conflict and areas of militarization in partnership with local peacemakers. Responding to Christ's radical call, they attempt to bring God's redemptive love to violent situations.

Teams of 2 to 12 persons join the efforts of local peacemakers facing imminent violence by:

  • Providing a nonviolent presence with individuals or communities who are threatened
  • Physically intervening to prevent violence
  • Reporting on human rights abuses
  • Planning and carrying out creative, nonviolent public responses to injustice
  • Training others in nonviolent direct action
  • Speaking and writing to media, interested groups, congregations, and organizations
  • Stipend Eligible:Full-time and Part-time Corps members commit to a three-year term of service on CPT projects.
    • Full-time is a minimum average of nine months a year on a CPT project.  This time might be split up in 3-6 month chunks depending on the particular CPT project.
    • Part-time is a minimum of 4.5 months per year in a CPT project.  This can also be split into two service periods on-project. When not serving on-project, stipend eligible CPTers live in their home communities participating in advocacy, fundraising and personal time-off.
  • Reserve Corps: The Reserve Corps members reinforce the work of every Christian Peacemaker team by providing a larger pool of trained peacemakers who commit to working with CPT (2 to 16 weeks each year) for three years.

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