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Military Recruiting in the United States | Chapter 8
Video Games Recruit & Train Killers

“Where does a 14-year-old boy who never fired a gun before get the skill and the will to kill? - Video games and media violence”

Violent video games conspire to make Americans warlike, especially extraordinarily graphic games where the player holds a weapon-like game controller. At least that’s what about half of the country believes. A 2010 Rasmussen survey finds that 54% of Americans believe violent video games lead to more violence in society.1

Some studies link violent video games to aggressive and risky behavior among teens while others show that violent video games may have a calming effect on youth.

Believe what you want to believe.

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Why women were told ‘Don’t get pregnant at George Air Force Base’

Clark initially had infertility issues, but birthed two daughters while stationed at George. Both daughters have had miscarriages of their own and all three women have a variety of chronic illnesses.

So Clark went looking for her medical past.

“I keep getting the run around,” Clark said. “It’s like they aren’t able to provide anything at this time.”

Now Torri is angry at the idea that the base knew for decades that there was danger but did nothing. In the last few years she’s sought her medical records from George to file VA claims.

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Fake military recruiting websites duped millions of students, potential recruits

The Federal Trade Commission says websites like army.com. armyenlist.com and navyenlist.com are fakes used by two companies to harvest people's contact information to sell to telemarketers. The companies were fined more than $12 million for the deception.

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Controlling Military Recruiter Access on High School Campuses

In Portland, Oregon, we have been able to get military recruiters restricted to 3 school visits per year at each of our 10 high schools--by working with the school board and chief legal counsel for the school district.  And we have equal access and table alongside the military branches at each of these visits.  A school district administrator contacts the schools and sets up a schedule for us and the military at the beginning of each school year.  College and business visits are separate, except when the schools have (occasionally) career fairs.  It took a long time and lots of lobbying and protesting to get this set up and has been in place for about 5 years now.

John Grueschow

War Resisters League--Portland
Billboards to End War Going Up and Not Going Up

New billboards are going up around the United States and elsewhere opposing war. Some are not going up because the message is deemed unacceptable. Many more are being planne

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“Alexa, Drop a Bomb”: Amazon Wants in on US Warfare

Amazon is seeking to build a global “brain” for the Pentagon called JEDI, a weapon of unprecedented surveillance and killing power, a profoundly aggressive weapon that should not be allowed to be created.

If Amazon gets the Pentagon contract, the acquisitive impulses of hundreds of millions of people may well become the stuff of their imprisonment and, in some cases, their deaths.

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Teach Your Children (Official Music Video)

You're watching the official music video for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "Teach Your Children" written by Graham Nash. Originally released on the 1970 CSNY studio album "Deja Vu", "Teach Your Children" is featured on a 2018 Graham Nash career retrospective entitled "Over The Years..." Get a copy here https://rh-ino.co/overtheyears

The video is a collaboration between Graham Nash and celebrated filmmaker and animator Jeff Scher.

The imagery frames the youth-led liberal activism of 2018 against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement and Peace demonstrations of the 1960's, providing a powerful visual aid to Graham Nash's relevant-as-ever appeal to teach not only our children but also our parents well.

“I wrote Teach Your Children because we have much to teach them. Conversely, I believe we as parents have much to learn from them as well. I think that Jeff Scher did a wonderful job of animating my lyrics and positioning the song in a contemporary setting." - Graham Nash (2018)

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Military Recruiters, Get the Hell Away

In October, we did a full-week tour with Marine veteran and hip hop artist Miles Megaciph.  Not only did Miles perform for the classes with songs that spoke of his experiences in the military, but he shared forthrightly his own journey, the damaging effects his time in the Marines had on his life, the time it took to be able to speak openly about what he had gone through and his return with a Veterans for Peace delegation to Okinawa, where he had been stationed, this time in solidarity with the Okinawans who are demanding the removal of the US bases.  We spent two full days in one large traditional high school, one day split between two small alternative high schools, a full day in another alternative high school and then a day with three classes at a public college.

Find Out More @ We Are Not Your Soldiers

To all NNOMY friends, past present and future, thank you for your support and being part of our mutual struggle to shine the light of peaceful alternatives upon our militarized culture. Let us make greater gains in 2019!

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