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NNOMYnews 1030: Religious Militarism in America

This issue of NNOMYnews explores the range of opinion, from conservative, to progressive, and from religious to secular of the problems with the Christian Fundamentalist influence in the U.S. military. Some of our troops are on a Crusade.




Peace Pill: White Supremacy and Apartheid

NNOMY - The intersection between U.S. cultural militarism and white supremacy becomes more apparent every week with stories emerging of racist cells within branches of the U.S. military and community police departments. We witness white supremacist ideology coupled with racist troop training preparing for the violence of war committing racist profiled murders of American Black and Latino communities as those soldiers enter civil roles such as community policing.

The video. "White Supremacy and Apartheid,"  in South Africa's Apartheid State makes the statement that human subjugation by one privileged group against other multiple communities must me rejected. A final statement posits the statement that the struggle against dehumanization requires that we join the fight against militarism.

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Militarism in American Churches

Laurance Vance, Libertarian Christian - Since the United States launched the unnecessary, immoral, unjust, and senseless war in Iraq in 2003, the Christian blasphemy occurring in churches has increased ten-fold. Even as the many lies of George W. Bush have been exposed over the years, so the blasphemy has continued unabated.

Although many have e-mailed me (and especially after attending church on the Sunday before a national holiday) with reports of the blasphemy that they have witnessed in their churches, I have seen most of it personally.

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War and Christian Militarism

John Larabell, New American - Are you a “Christian warmonger,” a “Red-state Fascist,” a “Reich-Wing nationalist,” an “Imperial Christian,” a “Christian killer,” a “pro-life murderer,” a “double-minded warmonger,” a “God-and-country Christian bumpkin,” or a “warvangelical Christian”? According to Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D., you may be if you support current U.S. foreign policy and the current actions of the U.S. military. Do you get your news from the “Fox War Channel” and the “War Street Journal”? If so, you need to read Vance’s books War, Christianity, and the State: Essays on the Follies of Christian Militarism and War, Empire, and the Military: Essays on the Follies of War and U.S. Foreign Policy.

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The Cross and American Militarism 

David Niose , The Humanist - As I read pundits commenting on the Bladensburg cross lawsuit (Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission v. American Humanist Association, which will be argued before the Supreme Court tomorrow) I sometimes wonder if we’re looking at the same cross. For many, there’s no question that the high court will reverse the appeals court ruling which found that the massive Latin cross is unconstitutional. Writing for Reuters, Lawrence Hurley echoed many others in saying “most Supreme Court experts predict that the challenge to the Peace Cross will fail.”

Strangely, these commentators overlook longstanding precedent that has almost always ruled crosses on public property unconstitutional. The American Humanist Association’s brief cites dozens of cases ruling as such, and points out that the very few cases upholding the public display of a Latin cross are easily distinguishable from the Bladensburg case.

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Birth of the Christian Soldier: How Evangelicals Infiltrated the American Military

It took decades for evangelicals to infiltrate the military, but eventually fundamentalist theology adapted as its entry points the culture of authority, duty, and sacrifice in the armed forces.

David Seay, Michael L. Weinstein, Thomas Dunne Books - Despite the church-state scandals that have plagued the US military in recent years, religious practice in the armed forces is hardly a new phenomenon. In the 1846 Mexican War, Roman Catholics were incorporated into the hitherto all-Protestant chaplaincy for the first time, as much to blunt implications of a sectarian war with Catholic Mexico as for any effort to address the actual religious demographics of the fighting force.

In 1862, President Lincoln, at the request of the Board of Delegates of American Israelites, struck the word Christian from all regulations relating to the chaplaincy appointments, and during World War II, Greek Orthodox chaplains were allowed to minister to their flock in uniform for the first time. The Buddhist Churches of America were registered as an official endorsing agency for the first time in 1987, and six years later the Army saw its first Muslim chaplain.

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How to be a Christian in Military, Law Enforcement, or EMS

In this video, I aim to give practical advice from experience and from what I understand the Bible would urge us to do as 'good evangelists' and ambassadors of Christ. Though the term 'warrior poet' is meant to be broad to include all those skilled protectors who live and die for higher purpose, my personal worldview is the Christian one. .

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