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Theme: All about Military Base Pollution

Reports about contamination have economic implications, so everything you hear from an official source is more like a commercial than a health advisory. The Pentagon is the world's largest single industrial polluter and does so in military bases around the world poisoning its own employees, and the community at large. The price for this devastation is in the trillions and if restitution could be paid back, it would bankrupt the United States.




Talk Nation Radio: Pat Elder on Military Bases Poisoning Ground Water

David Swanson/Pat Elder, World Beyond War - Pat Elder is a member of World BEYOND War’s Board of Directors. He is the author of Military Recruiting in the United States, and the Director of the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy. The coalition works to counter the alarming militarization of the United States’ high schools. Pat also writes for World BEYOND War and Civilian Exposure, an organization that tracks how the U.S. military poisons people around the world. Pat’s focus is on documenting contamination caused by the U.S. military’s use in routine fire-fighting drills of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (also known as PFAS).  Pat Elder will be speaking at the NoWar2019 conference and rally in Limerick, Ireland, this October 5th and 6th: worldbeyondwar.org/nowar2019

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Groups join forces to fight military toxic exposure

Leo Shane III, Military Times - More than a dozen veterans advocacy groups will join forces to track and highlight toxic exposure illnesses among former military members in an attempt to push for quicker action on what they see as a looming health crisis.

The Toxic Exposures in the American Military coalition, announced this week, will coordinate efforts from groups like Wounded Warrior Project, Vietnam Veterans of America, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Veteran Warriors Inc., and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.

The focus will be on issues related to exposures in the recent wars, although the groups have also advocated on illnesses related to chemical poisoning in the ranks from earlier periods.

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Pentagon’s endless war brings endless pollution

Judi Yang, Liberation News - The Pentagon is by far the world’s largest polluter, producing more hazardous waste than any country, and more environmental poisons than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. And they get away with it. They’re accountable to no one. Misnamed the Department of Defense, it really is the “the offender of all.”

For three generations now, the U.S. military has left its destructive legacy throughout the world not only through death and destruction but also through befouling the earth with depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants that cause birth defects such as Agent Orange used in Vietnam, and lead, among other poisons.

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Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater and Sewer System in Maryland

Pat Elder, TruthOut - The U.S. Navy has contaminated the groundwater at Maryland’s Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS) with 1,137.8 parts per trillion (ppt) of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), according to a report published last July by the engineering firm CH2M Hill. PFAS have been associated with a variety of cancers and are known to jeopardize human reproductive health. The contamination was not reported on the Defense Department’s March 2018 report on PFAS.

There are no restrictions currently on military or industrial PFAS discharges under either the federal Clean Water Act or the federal Clean Air Act. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a non-binding, non-regulatory advisory to states and municipalities of 70 ppt in drinking water. Neither the military nor chemical companies are currently required to report releases of PFAS through the federal Toxic Release Inventory. Some states, such as nearby New Jersey, have moved to fill the vacuum left by the EPA. However, Maryland does not regulate the carcinogens, and the Navy’s discharge of PFAS into Maryland’s groundwater is 87 times higher than what New Jersey allows.

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Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice

For those interested in counter-recruiting, we have a free new resource available: "A Soldier's Life". This website and video are made for high school students to discourage them from enlisting in the military. All of the production staff who created the 10-minute video are students, ranging from middle school to college. The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice and Veterans for Peace co-created the video with professional photographer and CCPJ Board member Richard Lord. Please feel free to share this with young people and their families. It is hard to know what the coming years will hold in terms of war and peace; if we can save even one young person from being traumatized emotionally, physically, sexually or socially, then we are doing our job correctly.

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This chemical is in our water. Here are 15 things you should know if you drink Dayton water.

Will Garbe, Dayton Daily News - Earlier this year, the Dayton Daily News obtained a map showing PFOS and PFOA levels in groundwater monitoring wells. The map is from March and April 2018. It says Dayton measured PFOS at 1,500 parts per trillion near the Dayton Fire Training Center, and PFOA at about 79 parts per trillion near Huffman Dam. Certain wells have been turned off at both sites. Ohio alleges 3M’s documents say the company knew as early as the 1950s that PFOS and PFOA were toxic. The complaint alleges 3M scientists in the 1970s concluded the chemicals “were even more toxic than anticipated” and by 1979 “recognized that fluorochemicals may pose a cancer risk.”

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