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October 10, 2019: ASVAB Data Mining in (U.S.) America

Even though the issue of ASVAB data mining by the Department of Defense and Opting Out strategies are largely seen as passe in the CR community, it is important to see them as an entry point for the uninformed to enter the discussion about student privacy and protecting youth from predatory military recruiting practices. These violations of our personal freedoms persist.




Opt out of war!: Granny Peace Brigade

Eliminating military influence and recruitment of youth in public schools.

Our programs, actions and materials provide non-military options for students. We are working to eliminate the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) program from NYC high schools, to assure that students and parents understand the context of recruiters’ promises, and to protect students’ privacy rights by restricting the dissemination of personal data being forwarded to recruiters.

Watch the Video | 1:54 minutes

https://youtu.be/y_48-b75MHg | http://grannypeacebrigade.org/counter-recruiting/


The Secretary of the Navy Lied to Congress

David Swanson / Counterpunch - MUSMEPCOM routinely misleads the American public. Following is a brief description of the most destructive lies they tell. They fall into four categories that cover military testing, the JROTC program, the access recruiters enjoy, and the “opt-out” process:

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The antiwar movement no one can see

Waging Nonviolence - Of course, antiwar demonstrators have yet to pour into the streets, even though the wars we’re already involved in continue to drag on and a possible new one with Iran looms on the horizon. Still, there seems to be a notable trend in antiwar opinion and activism. Somewhere just under the surface of American life lurks a genuine, diverse antiwar movement that appears to be coalescing around a common goal: getting Washington politicians to believe that antiwar policies are supportable, even potentially popular.

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NNOMY Communications Staff Person talks about NNOMY on KZFR

Peace and Social Justice / KZFR - Gary Ghirardi, the Communications Staff Person, working out of the NNOMY national office at the San Diego Peace Campus in California, speaks about military counter-recruitment, past and present, on the Peace and Social Justice series of KZFR Community Radio in the Northern Sacramento Valley

Listen now | 24:00 minutes





SURVIVING HOME | Official HD Trailer (2018) | DOCUMENTARY

This inspiring and heartfelt film follows four U.S. military veterans from different generations, over an eight year period as they rebuild their lives after war.  Co-directors Jillian Moul and Matthew Moul document their incredible stories as each discover unique ways to overcome post-war challenges, while transforming their lives and continuing their service to others.

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The Great Con of American Patriotism

Truth Dig - And here I am, and you know, I didn’t learn the lesson fast enough, just like a lot of us didn’t. But I decided, sometime in those two wars and sometime after those wars, teaching a new crop of cadets at West Point—new kids that wanted to be just like me, who wanted to be just like David Petraeus, who wanted to be just like, you know, a World War II general. When I was put in front of those cadets and asked to teach American history in the normal patriotic lens, I couldn’t do it. And I think that was the breaking point. And at that point, I decided to do what Ron Kovic decided to do, which is to speak out every day to try to minimize the number of Americans that die in these wars. And that’s where I’m at now, and I wish it would have happened sooner for me, but I can’t go back and change that. All I can do now is bring a new version of patriotism, and that is dissent against meaningless, harmful wars.

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