NNOMY News December 7, 2019 Human Rights and Militarism


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NNOMYnews :  December 7, 2019  Human Rights and Militarism

The essential fact of all types of militarism, whether through policing or military forces and their interventions on the civilian sectors of our communities , both domestic and foreign, are their tendency to violate our basic human rights.  As the the 21st century progresses and is nearly to its quarter point now in 2020, we have seen a systematic deflating of long held legal principles to defend and protect us from the abuses of oversight , policing, and civil rights, respective of laws on the books that are now violated by the very governments themselves that should be enforcing them.




Peace Mom: Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan has been an influential voice in the Peace Movement for three presidencies. However, what was it that drove her to activism? We believe her story to be one of the examples of how the counter-recruitment organizations within NNOMY (The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth) are motivated by a desire to avoid the human suffering that participating in war can entail.

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Army recruitment today is less "Be all you can be" and more "Call of Duty"

Taylor Allen / Colorado Public Radio - The main source of light in this dim, warehouse-sized room in suburban Denver comes from rows of screens. Each panel shows fast-paced military action — camouflaged soldiers swarming a city or special operations forces securing a target.

One of the figures hunched over a computer in the darkness huffs in disappointment.

"I've died like four times in three missions," said 17-year-old Gavin Gains.

Even though he wasn't dominating the brand new "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" game, Gains attracted the attention of the event's sponsors - the U.S. Army. The office held this release party for the new game at an esports venue called Localhost Arena. Anyone who came to the party was able to play the new game as long as he or she also spoke to Army recruiters.

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West Point Professor Builds a Case Against the U.S. Army

David Swanson /  World Beyond War - Speaking out against war can get you attacked as unpatriotic or “a Russian asset,” which helps explain why environmentalists don’t mention one of the worst polluters, refugee aid groups don’t mention the primary cause of the problem, activists trying to end mass-shootings never mention that the shooters are disproportionately veterans, anti-racist groups avoid noticing the way militarism spreads racism, plans for green new deals or free college or healthcare usually manage not to mention the place where most of the money is now, etc. Overcoming this hurdle is the work being taken on by World BEYOND War.

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War Abolition 101: How We Create a Peaceful World
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World Beyound War - How can we make the best argument for shifting from war to peace? What must we understand and know about the war system if we are to dismantle it? How can we become more effective advocates and activists for ending particular wars, ending all wars, pursuing disarmament, and creating systems that maintain peace? These questions and more will be explored in War Abolition 101: How We Create a Peaceful World.

War Abolition 101 is a six week-online course providing participants an opportunity to learn from, dialogue with, and strategize for change with World BEYOND War experts, peer activists, and changemakers from around the world.

Read what past students have to say about the course.

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War is NOT like a Video Game!

This Before You Enlist Short focuses on the the dangers of promoting military recruitment to youth based on the utilization of Pentagon developed video games like the "Call of Duty" story listed above in this newsletter. Missing from this virtual military recruitment gimmick are the stories of what happens in real combat and the destruction caused by war. The video "Is War Like is a Video Game?" plus links to both beforeyouenlist.org and the story above make a good compliment to share with young people either involved in this type of gaming or considering joining the military.

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Podcast: “Very jarring and brutal and dehumanizing” – Gerry Condon

Courage to Resist - Gerry Condon was a Green Beret when he publicly spoke out against the US war in Vietnam. In 1969, he deserted the Army in order to avoid a long prison sentence. Gerry lived in Sweden and Canada for six years, organizing for amnesty for fellow exiled war resisters. Today, he serves as the National Board President of Veterans For Peace.

“Veterans coming back from Vietnam were telling me stories about US soldiers committing atrocities against Vietnamese civilians. And I was hearing these stories from veterans who were very upset at what they’d seen or done, and I was also hearing it from soldiers who were bragging about it, but they were both telling the same stories … I saw the writing on the wall, and I had an opportunity to escape.”.

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Watching My Students Turn Into Soldiers of Empire

Danny Sjursen / Counterpunch - My last day in front of a class, I skipped the planned lesson and leveled with the young men and women seated before me. We discussed my own once bright, now troubled career and my struggles with my emotional health. We talked about the complexities, horror, and macabre humor of combat and they asked me blunt questions about what they could expect in their future as graduates. Then, in my last few minutes as a teacher, I broke down. I hadn’t planned this, nor could I control it.

My greatest fear, I said, was that their budding young lives might closely track my own journey of disillusionment, emotional trauma, divorce, and moral injury. The thought that they would soon serve in the same pointless, horrifying wars, I told them, made me “want to puke in a trash bin.” The clock struck 1600 (4:00 pm), class time was up, yet not a single one of those stunned cadets — unsure undoubtedly of what to make of a superior officer’s streaming tears — moved for the door. I assured them that it was okay to leave, hugged each of them as they finally exited, and soon found myself disconcertingly alone. So I erased my chalkboards and also left.

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Know Your Rights!

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights holds the Guinness World Record as the most translated document. Yet, far too many people are still unaware of their basic rights as human beings.

Human rights are everyone's rights. Know your rights, and help spread the word:

Read and share the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Find it here in more than 500 languages.

Watch people around the world recite articles of the Declaration in their language, and record yourself.

Listen to an audio recording of the Declaration in your native language and contribute a recording to make the Declaration more accessible.

Read a simplified version or the illustrated booklet of the Declaration.

Watch the Declaration in sign languages.

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