NNOMY News December 20, 2019: Militarism and Migration


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December 20, 2019: Militarism and Migration

The intersection between militarism and immigration covers multiple issues from occupation of foreign lands, resource extraction and environmental impacts and border security over-reach. Never has U.S. militarism been more exposed to it's obvious contradictions as in this time of the Trump regime. We now need to make the connections between resource domination world wide and the impacts this has on the most vulnerable peoples.




Border Militarization Policy

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - Though the Border Patrol was established in 1924, and some militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border region occurred prior to recent decades, it has been in the years following the 9/11 catastrophe that the border has been subjected to unprecedented military escalations. When the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in 2002, the agency formerly known as Immigration and Naturalization Services was moved from the Department of Justice to DHS, and immigration enforcement programs and policy emphasized a focus on anti-terrorism. Since then, militarization has been steadily increased and normalized at the U.S.-Mexico border and within border enforcement agencies.

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Because of the on-going military offensives in different parts of the world, the different branches of the US Military have is mounting an equally aggressive campaign to get young people to enlist. Recruiters in schools and college campuses leverage the benefits that the US military could provide to young people as a way to convince them to sign an eight year contract that could have potentially damaging and deadly consequences.

Counter-Recruitment projects like Project YANO (Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities) attempts to make these consequences clear to young people, and to dispel many of the myths and half-truths recruiters often tell potential enlistees. The goal of counter-recruitment is not to force young people away from military careers, but instead to provide them with a clearer picture of what they will actually entail.

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Explosive Report Details Corporate Profiteering and Militarization of US Borders

Leighanna Shirey, Citizen Truth - “It is time to expose the contractors, lobbyists, campaign contributions, influence on policy-makers, and ultimately profits wielded by the border-industrial complex.”

Although the militarization of the U.S. border has become a hot topic today, the current atmosphere is a continuation of policies, government spending and lobbying that has existed since long before the Trump administration, according to a new report.

In “More Than a Wall: Corporate Profiteering and the Militarization of U.S. borders,” a recent report from Transitional Institute (TNI), author Todd Miller details the history of the militarization of the U.S. border. In his report, Miller argues that the biggest threat to “a humane and compassionate response to migration” is not the Trump administration but rather big corporations with media and political ties.

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10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined

War and militarism are destroying the planet. But if we de-fund the Pentagon, we can save it.

Medea Benjamin, Foreign Policy in Focus - The environmental justice movement that is surging globally is intentionally intersectional, showing how global warming is connected to issues such as race, poverty, migration and public health. One area intimately linked to the climate crisis that gets little attention, however, is militarism. Here are some of the ways these issues — and their solutions — are intertwined.

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On Human Rights Day, Quaker Organization Releases New Report Highlighting Detrimental Enforcement on Children

AFSC, San Diego, CA (December 10, 2019) - Today on International Human Rights Day, the American Friends Service Committee’s (AFSC) U.S.-Mexico Program released “Children at the Crosshairs of Immigration Enforcement,” a report that documents numerous cases in San Diego County where children were detrimentally impacted by the enforcement actions of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which includes Border Patrol, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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Immigrant recruit stuck in MAVNI limbo

“It’s important to know that the issues with the program are not about immigration, they are about national security,” she added.

Now, Rimban is caught in a citizenship purgatory.

“I’ve thought about going home,” he said. “Many people in my position have given up.”

He is not a legal permanent resident of the U.S., but by taking his enlistment oath, he effectively renounced his Philippines citizenship, he said, according to the country’s laws.

“I try my best to live the Army values since I enlisted," he said. "I took an oath and did my best, but I’ve been soldiering on. That’s what I expected an American soldier to do.”

Rimban said he received an official rejection from DoD in April, and submitted his appeal the same day. Over three months later, he’s still waiting for a final decision.

Beyond his own case, he said, he feels DoD has dropped the ball with an important program that Americans believed in.

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