NNOMY News 1042: February 15 2020: Counteing Military Recruitment in California


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NNOMY News 1042 - February 1 2020: Countering Military Recruitment in California

California has the gratest amount of youth demilitarization groups in the United States. California also is the state with the most defense spending. This issue of NNOMY News, we feature some of those groups that contribute to informing our youth with a fuller narrative of what it means to serve in the military and directing young people to alternative careers that are not in the armed forces.


U.S. Army Private Reginal Johnson waited in line to be issued his uniform during basic combat training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in 2008. South Carolina is among the Southern states that provide a disproportionate number of new military recruits compared to its young adult population. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Manuel J. Martinez via Flickr.)


Understanding the South's unequal contribution of military recruits

...heavily populated states like California contributed the most new military recruits in terms of raw numbers. But California's contribution was actually below its share of the U.S. young adult population, giving it a representation ratio of less than 1.

It's a very different story for South Carolina, whose contribution of new military recruits outweighs its share of the U.S. young adult population by more than 50 percent.

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 San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice


San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice /
Los Angeles

Peace club counter-recruiting in San Pedro, California. That is the port of Los Angeles and is a very working class area of the city. Military recruiters are active in their high schools and San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice are active in connecting the dots for students who are considering joining the military as a career path...

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Resource Center for Nonviolence / Santa Cruz

Opposing Militarism is a program of the Resource Center for Nonviolence. It is an outgrowth of the Center’s long-time commitment to opposing war and militarism, a history which includes twenty years of military and draft counseling and fifteen years as a branch of the GI Rights Hotline, a nationwide counseling service for military members and their families.

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 Project on Youth & Non-Military Opportunities / San Diego


Project on Youth & Non-Military Opportunities / San Diego

In our base community of San Diego County, Project YANO sends speakers to youth groups and local schools to talk about the realities of military life and war so that young people will better understand what is behind the armed forces sales pitch. As an alternative, students are given nonmilitary options for local job training and college financial aid. Project YANO also urges youths to become community activists and consider pursuing careers in social change.

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 Truth in Recruitment / Santa Barbara


Truth in Recruitment / Santa Barbara

Truth in Recruitment is a non-profit, student advocacy group based in Santa Barbara, California. We work with students, families, and schools to ensure students understand the consequences of a military career and their alternative options so they can make educated choices about their future, to inform parents of their privacy rights, and to implement school policies regulating recruiter presence on campuses.

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 Courage To Resist


Courage to Resist / Oakland

Courage to Resist supports the troops who refuse to fight, or who face consequences for acting on conscience, in opposition to illegal wars, occupations, the policies of empire abroad and martial law at home.   Our People Power strategy weakens the pillars that perpetuate these causes of immense violence. By supporting military resistance, counter-recruitment, and draft resistance, we intend to cut off the supply of troops for war, while pledging resistance to the policies of hate, repression, and the militarization of policing domestically.  We are autonomous from and independent of any political organization or party.

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Long Beach Recruitment Awareness Project - LB RAP / Long Beach

The mission of the Long Beach Recruitment Awareness Project
(LB RAP) is to educate and inform students, parents, teachers, and administrators about full impact of what it means to enlist in today’s military. By providing truthful and realistic information about the military, LB RAP hopes to encourage students to make informed choices about military service.

JROTC Shooting Ranges Removed from Two Schools / Read More on COMDweb



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