Granny Peace Brigade - NYC

Address : 24 Central Park South
City: New York
Zipcode: 10019
Phone: 212-935-0761
Organizational Website : Granny Peace Brigade NYC
Scope of organization:
  • Local
This organization is a:
  • Does School Demilitarization Activism
Organization base:
  • Nonstudent community based
Other Outreach: Students, teachers, educators
Issues you are working on:
  • Alternatives to the military
Years in Operation: 11-20 years
Summary describing your organization:: The C-R team is only one of the committees in the Granny Peace Brigade. Alternatives to the military JROTC programs out of HSs ASVAB - Option 8, New York Coalition to Protect Student Privacy
Contact Person: Barbara G. Harris
Approximate number of volunteers: 12+
Approximate annual budget: donations - $2000
Located in: New York
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Skype: nnomy.demilitarization

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