Stop Recruiting Kids - On Earth Peace

Address: PO Box 188, 500 Main Street
City: New Windsor
State: Maryland
Zipcode: 21776
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Organizational Website:
Twitter: @SRKcampaign
Scope of organization:
  • National
This organization is a:
  • Counter-recruitment Organization
Organization base:
  • Virtual online community based
Issues you are working on:
  • Developing Curricula/Educational Materials
Years in Operation: 6-10 years
Summary describing your organization:

Our goal is to protect kids from military recruiting. How we treat our young (and other vulnerable populations) is a mark of our level of civilization. A free society is capable of filling its military from the ranks of adults and does not need to take advantage of children or adolescents who are unable to judge the risks of such a life altering decision. The campaign is not anti-military, it is pro-child. We want a safe and healthy childhood for all our kids.
Contact Person: Chelsea Little
Located in: northeast-region