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Resources and materials for learning about or teaching about counter-recruitment from experience on the ground.


Folder Workshop: Counter Recruitment During the Pandemic


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default American Friends Service Committee (4881 downloads) Popular Download
default Archived: Not Your Soldier Action Camps (7580 downloads) Popular Download
default Before You Enlist and After You Say No (6875 downloads) Popular Download
default Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors Materials (Archived) (3302 downloads) Popular Download
pdf Guynn Notes Toward More Powerful Organizing: Pitfalls and Potential in Counter-recruitment O (8821 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 64 KB)
pdf NNOMY Reader 2015 (6387 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.86 MB)
default Project YANO Resources (5196 downloads) Popular Download
default STORY: Strategy Training Organizing Resources for Youth (3232 downloads) Popular Download
default The Virtual Activist (5181 downloads) Popular Download
default War Resisters Youth & Counter Militarism Program (3263 downloads) Popular Download
default Youth Activists Youth Allies (YA-YA) Network (6058 downloads) Popular Download

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