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pdf "Getting Out of the Delayed Entry/Future Soldier Program" Separation Letter Popular

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"Getting Out of the Delayed Entry/Future Soldier Program" Separation Letter

Make copies of the letter for yourself.  When mailing the letter, go to the post office and have them attach to the envelope a “Domestic Return Receipt” so that you will receive a signed record that your letter was received.  Now you have legal documentation that your letter was received by the military command

.If you have any questions about the regulation or military law, consult with a GI Rights counselor:  The number for the national GI Rights Hotline is 877-447-4487; the number for the central California coast area (Monterey/Santa Cruz) is 831-359-0202.  Or study the appropriate regulations at: http://girightshotline.org/discharges/index.shtml.  On that page, find the service you signed up for on the “Delayed Entry Program (DEP)” line. 

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Basic DEP brochure by Center on Conscience and War

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pdf Delayed Entry Program/Future Soldiers Training Program Fact Sheet Popular

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pdf If you changed your mind, you may not have to go Popular

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Getting out of the Delayed Entry Program."
Also, "RECRUITERS LIE." Two-sided sheet: instructions for getting a DEP enlistment canceled (see Spanish version below), plus an article describing common acts of fraud committed by military recruiters (from Draft NOtices).

pdf Signed Up for the Military and Want to Get Out? Popular

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You may not have to go.
Here’s the real story on the D.E.P.

Updated and edited 5/2013 by Rick Jankow, Project YANO,

Adapted from a fact sheet prepared by YaYaNetwork

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