An Experiment with Involuntary JROTC Placement and Microsoft Copilot Ai

The Intelligence being programmed into Ai strikes a Familiar Position

Military Recruiters are stuggling to sell the nest war3/25/2024 / Gary Ghirardi & Copilot Ai / NNOMY - The Microsoft Copilot online artificial intelligence program was utilized to write a story based on three requests; to not be placed into the high school based Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program from a students objection, a parental objection, and finally a legal challenge in court with the plaintiff represented by the American Civil Liberties Union. The outcomes are curious in that they appear to reflect some kind of conditioned learning on the part of the Copilot program that favors the military all the way up to a legal challenge.

Each of the stories is based on three requests asked by "you" to the Copilot program listed in red text before the output answer given by the artificial intelligence.

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Title: “Marching to Destiny”


Make a story about high school youth being placed involuntarily into JROTC programs in their schools.

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Orders

The sun hung low in the sky as the bell rang, signaling the end of another mundane school day. For Jake, a lanky high school sophomore with unruly hair and a penchant for daydreaming, this was just another day in the sea of textbooks and algebraic equations.

But fate had other plans.

As Jake shuffled toward the exit, Principal Thompson intercepted him. The stern-faced principal was known for his ironclad discipline and unwavering commitment to order. His office was a place of dread, where students faced consequences for their missteps.

“Jake,” Principal Thompson said, his voice devoid of warmth. “Youve been selected for the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program.”

Jake blinked, his mind racing to catch up. JROTC? Wasnt that for kids who wanted to join the military? Hed never considered it. His dreams involved art, music, and maybe a little bit of skateboarding.

“But I didnt sign up for that,” Jake stammered.

“Orders from above,” Principal Thompson replied. “Your name came up, and youre now part of the JROTC. Report to the gym tomorrow morning.”

Jakes heart sank. He imagined himself in a stiff uniform, marching in formation, and learning to salute. It was a far cry from the rebellious spirit he nurtured.

Chapter 2: The Misfit Squad

Rebel JakeThe next morning, Jake found himself in a room filled with other unsuspecting students. They wore the same bewildered expressions, their backpacks replaced with olive-green duffel bags. Sergeant Ramirez, a stocky man with a buzz cut, stood at the front.

“Welcome to JROTC,” he barked. “You're here to learn discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Forget your old life; this is your new mission.”

Jake exchanged glances with the girl next to him. Emma, with her purple streaks and combat boots, seemed equally out of place. She whispered, “Id rather be spray-painting murals.”

The squad was an odd mix: Jake, the artist; Emma, the rebel; Kevin, the math whiz; and Maria, the bookworm. They stumbled through drills, tripping over their own feet, and fumbling with salutes.

Sergeant Ramirez raised an eyebrow. “Youre the misfit squad,” he declared. “But maybe thats what we need.”

Chapter 3: Unexpected Bonds

As weeks turned into months, Jake discovered unexpected bonds. Emma taught him how to tie a perfect knot, Kevin helped him decode military jargon, and Maria shared her secret stash of poetry books.

They practiced marching, learned about military history, and even fired paintball guns during mock battles. Jakes sketches transformed from dragons and graffiti to soldiers and flags. He found beauty in discipline, camaraderie in formation.

One day, as the sun dipped behind the school flagpole, Jake stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his misfit squad. Their uniforms were crisp, and their steps synchronized. The principal watched from a distance, his stern expression replaced by something akin to pride.

“Maybe were not so misfit after all,” Emma whispered.

Jake smiled. “Maybe were just finding our rhythm.”

And so, in the unlikely corridors of high school, they marched toward destiny—a destiny they hadnt chosen but had come to embrace.


Author’s Note: Sometimes, the most unexpected paths lead to the most profound growth. Jake and his misfit squad discovered strength, friendship, and purpose in the unlikeliest of places.

Image by Pexels



Title: “Unforeseen Orders”


Make a story about parents  whose high school youth were placed involuntarily into JROTC programs in their schools without parental permission in California.

Chapter 1: The Principal’s Announcement

The sun hung low over the suburban high school as parents gathered for the monthly PTA meeting. Among them were Mark and Lisa, proud parents of their rebellious teenage daughter, Emily. Mark, a software engineer, and Lisa, a nurse, had always encouraged Emily’s artistic pursuits. They envisioned her attending art school, not marching in military drills.

Principal Harris stepped to the podium, his stern expression mirrored by the rows of parents. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he began, “I have an important announcement.”

Mark exchanged puzzled glances with Lisa. What could be so crucial?

Principal Harris continued, “Due to a new state mandate, our school is implementing the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program. It’s compulsory for all students.”

A murmur swept through the room. Parents leaned forward, their concern palpable. Mark’s mind raced. Emily had never expressed any interest in military matters.


Chapter 2: The Unwanted Enlistment

The next morning, Mark and Lisa sat across from Principal Harris in his cramped office. Emily slouched in the chair beside them, her purple streaks contrasting with the school’s polished wood paneling.

“Emily,” Principal Harris said, “you’ve been assigned to JROTC.”

“But I didn’t sign up for that!” Emily protested. “I want to focus on my art.”

“Orders from above,” Principal Harris replied. “It’s mandatory.”

Mark clenched his fists. “What about parental consent?”

“Unfortunately,” Principal Harris said, “the state law doesn’t require it.”

Lisa’s voice trembled. “But we know our daughter’s interests. She’s not cut out for this.”

Principal Harris leaned back. “I understand, but our hands are tied.”


Chapter 3: The Misfit Unit

Punker Emily in JROTCIn the JROTC classroom, Emily found herself among a motley crew of students. There was Alex, the introverted chess champion; Carlos, the aspiring chef; and Lily, the environmental activist. They wore ill-fitting uniforms, their expressions ranging from annoyance to outright rebellion.

Sergeant Rodriguez, a retired Marine, eyed the group. “Welcome to JROTC,” he said. “You’ll learn discipline, teamwork, and leadership.”

Emily whispered to Alex, “This is absurd.”

Alex nodded. “We’re like the Breakfast Club, forced into military service.”

As weeks passed, the misfit unit stumbled through drills. They fumbled with salutes, their sneakers clashing with polished boots. Sergeant Rodriguez raised an eyebrow. “You’re the oddest bunch,” he declared. “But maybe that’s what we need.”


Chapter 4: Unexpected Bonds

Emily discovered camaraderie in unlikely places. Carlos taught her how to shine her shoes, Lily shared survival tips for early morning runs, and Alex helped her memorize ranks. They laughed during push-up sessions and whispered rebellious jokes.

One day, as the sun dipped behind the school flagpole, Emily stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her misfit squad. Their uniforms were wrinkled, but their steps synchronized. Principal Harris watched from a distance, his stern expression replaced by something akin to pride.

“Maybe,” Emily whispered to Alex, “we’re not misfits after all.”

Alex grinned. “Maybe we’re just finding our own kind of discipline.”

And so, in the unlikely corridors of high school, they marched toward destiny—a destiny they hadn’t chosen but had come to embrace.


Author’s Note: Sometimes, the most unexpected paths lead to the most profound growth. Mark, Lisa, and Emily learned that strength and resilience can emerge even from involuntary orders.

Image by Pexels




Title: “Defending the Right to Choose”


Make a story about parents who refuse to allow their child to be placed involuntarily into JROTC programs in their high school and seek a legal challenge against the school district with the ACLU.

Chapter 1: The Unwanted Orders

Army LisaThe sun blazed over San Diego High School, casting long shadows across the courtyard. Mark and Lisa stood there, their arms crossed, watching as the school’s JROTC cadets marched in formation. Their daughter, Emily, was among them, her eyes narrowed in defiance.

Mark, a tech-savvy engineer, and Lisa, a compassionate nurse, had always encouraged Emily’s individuality. She was an artist, a dreamer, and the last person they expected to see in a military uniform.

Principal Reynolds approached, his stern expression unwavering. “Your daughter has been selected for the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps,” he announced.

Mark’s jaw tightened. “We never consented to this.”

“State mandate,” Principal Reynolds replied. “She’s enrolled.”

Chapter 2: The ACLU’s Call to Arms

That evening, Mark and Lisa sat at their kitchen table, poring over legal documents. They were determined to fight back. Emily’s dreams were at stake.

Lisa picked up her phone and dialed the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “We need help,” she said to the voice on the other end. “Our daughter is being forced into JROTC.”

The ACLU attorney, Ms. Rodriguez, listened intently. “JROTC violates international law,” she explained. “It targets students as young as 14 for military recruitment. We’ve been fighting this battle.”

Mark clenched his fists. “We won’t let them strip Emily of her choices.”


Chapter 3: The Courtroom Battle

The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the school district, arguing that involuntary placement in JROTC violated students’ rights. Mark, Lisa, and Emily sat in the courtroom, their hearts pounding.

Ms. Rodriguez stood before the judge. “Your Honor,” she began, “JROTC coerces students into military service without parental consent. It’s a violation of their autonomy.”

The school district’s lawyer countered, citing state regulations and the supposed benefits of discipline and leadership. But Mark and Lisa knew better. Their daughter’s passion for art would wither in the rigid ranks of JROTC.

Emily, her purple streaks defiant, took the stand. “I want to choose my path,” she declared. “Not be forced into a uniform.”


Chapter 4: The Verdict

The courtroom held its breath as the judge deliberated. Mark squeezed Lisa’s hand. They had fought for Emily’s right to choose, for her dreams beyond military drills.

Finally, the judge spoke. “The court finds in favor of the plaintiffs,” he declared. “JROTC placement without parental consent violates fundamental rights.”

Mark, Lisa, and Emily hugged, tears streaming down their faces. The ACLU had secured their victory.

As they stepped out into the sunlight, Mark whispered to Emily, “You’re free, my artist.”

And Emily grinned. “Thanks to the ACLU, I’ll paint my own destiny.”


Author’s Note: Sometimes, the battle for freedom begins in the unlikeliest of places—the schoolyard.

Image by Pexels


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