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pdfAcross the nation, students and activists are taking action,saying NO to increased militarization of our schools.Peace!
We hope you will find this Activist Toolkit to be a useful tool for those devoted to demilitarizing our schools and educating students and parents on how to keep student contact information out of the hands of military recruiters. In this Activist Toolkit, you will find the following information to help you plan an exciting and successful action:

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aaskOperation Student Privacy
• To inform students and parents regarding their privacy rights in relation to military recruiters
Operation Informed Decision
• To provide information and education about the military, equal access, alternatives to the
military resources and programming.

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Anti-War & Pro-Peace Resources Database

We’ve compiled this database of useful resources of our own and links to those found elsewhere, and created this system to help you find them. Are you looking for tools for creating events, or for information on a particular topic? Make your choice(s) under Topics below. Are you wanting to find videos, or books, or flyers, or articles, or ... choose the Type(s) of resources you want below. And if you only want results in a particular language, make that choice too. Let us know how you like this new system!

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The Back-to-school Kit for Counter-recruitment and School Demilitarization Organizing is a catalog of basic material useful to educating young people and school personnel about the realities of military enlistment and war. The catalog also includes some information on alternatives to enlistment, as well as items written for organizers seeking to reach out to local schools. All of the material in this catalog was carefully reviewed for relevancy and accuracy as of the January of 2024.  

A task force of knowledgeable organizers did the research. It does not include all of the available literature on  this topic because much of what exists is out of date or is no longer being produced by the original sources.

Consequently, we focused on identifying items that we felt were basic and most useful for effective organizing  and educating. New items may be added to future kits as they become available.


It’s very simple: Read the descriptions in the catalog and then go to the links that are listed to view or download documents that are relevant o your local organizing. In some cases, you will be able to reprint them for local reproduction; or, you will be able to order copies in bulk if they are offered by the original source.

NOTE: If you wish to print the catalog, be sure to choose the landscape setting in your print menu (i.e., horizontal).


The catalog groups items into various subject categories:

  • Counter-recruitment
  • Non-military Career, College and Service Alternatives
  • Gender and the Military
  • Delayed Entry Program (DEP)
  • Privacy  (Opt Out Forms/ ASVAB etc.)
  • Resources for Organizers
  • Contact Information


Who Distributes the Back-to-school Kit for Counter-recruitment and School Demilitarization Organizing:



Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/stopkidsgoingtowar

Revised 01/08/2024 - GDG

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Challenging Military Sexual Violence

A Guide to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policies in the US Armed Forces for Servicemembers, MSV Survivors and Their Advocates

Sexual assault and sexual harassment have long been serious problems in the armed forces. In recent years, the issue has received far more notice and it is now generally acknowledged that the problem is – and likely always has been — epidemic. DoD’s own reports reveal that over 4,700 service members, both men and women, reported they were assaulted in 2015. Experts point out it is likely that only one in ten people report their assaults. The DoD reports show that many members are afraid to report assaults or harassment. This is often out of fear of command retaliation. When reports are made, they are often ignored or retaliation does, in fact, occur. This phenomenon, too, has been longstanding but has only recently come to public attention.

More Information - https://nlgmltf.org/programs-and-services/military-law-library/memos/military-sexual-violence/

The Military Law Task Force

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Counter-recruitment: Inside Out

Counter-recruitment Inside Out, is a compilation of articles authored during the last 12 years by activists and researchers, offering an analysis of counter-recruitment practices. It also seeks strategies for improving its effectiveness in persuading the youth to take a harder look at military enlistment, and to develop a more informed view of the motivations behind their government's wars. With the advent of militarized gaming and the increase of movie and television militainment influencing young minds and legitimizing state violence, counter-recruiters need to develop more nuanced methods of directing young people towards alternatives to militarization.

pdf Despojando a nuestra juventud de la máquina de guerra: una guía para contrarrestar y resistir la militarización de la juventud Popular

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Despojando a nuestra juventud de la máquina de guerra: una guía para contrarrestar y resistir la militarización de la juventud

En cooperación con la campaña Desinversión de la máquina de guerra de Codepink, The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth contribuye con esta guía para desmilitarizar nuestras escuelas del alcance de una disposición de la Ley de éxito de todos los niños que permite el acceso sin restricciones a reclutadores militares en nuestras escuelas . Esta guía instruye a los activistas sobre cómo presionar a los distritos escolares para que sigan las pautas de igualdad de acceso y para organizar comunidades, padres, maestros y estudiantes para limitar el acceso de los reclutadores a sus escuelas.

Gran parte del contenido de esta Guía de campaña de desinversión se toma prestada con el permiso de la Red Nacional de Oposición a la Militarización de la Juventud (NNOMY), la Coalición Nacional para Proteger la Privacidad de los Estudiantes, Dejar de Reclutar Niños y Guardar la Educación Civil. Les estamos extremadamente agradecidos por contribuir con su visión y experiencia a este movimiento. Para obtener más información sobre el trabajo de NNOMY, visite http://nnomy.org/index.php/en/. Para proteger el trabajo de la privacidad del estudiante, visite http://www.studentprivacy.org/. Para obtener más información sobre Stop Recruiting Kids, visite: http://srkcampaign.org/. Para obtener más información sobre el trabajo de Save Civilian Education, visite http://savecivilianeducation.org/.

pdf Divesting Our Youth from the War Machine: A Guide to Countering and Resisting the Militarization of Youth 2017-2018 Popular

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Divesting Our Youth from the War Machine: A Guide to Countering and Resisting the Militarization of Youth 2017-2018

In Cooperation with Codepink's Divest from the War Machine campaign, The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth contributes this guide for demilitarizing our schools from the over-reach of a provision of the Every Child Succeeds Act that permits unrestricted access to military recruiters in our schools. This guide instructs activists how to lobby school districts to follow equal access guidelines and to organize communities, parents, teachers, and students to limit recruiter access to their schools.

Much of the contents of this Divestment Campaign Guide are borrowed with permission from the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY), National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy, Stop Recruiting Kids, and Save Civilian Civilian Education. We are extremely grateful to them for contributing their insight and experience to this movement. To learn more about NNOMY’s work, visit http://nnomy.org/index.php/en/. To Protect Student Privacy’s work, visit http://www.studentprivacy.org/. To learn more about Stop Recruiting Kids, visit: http://srkcampaign.org/. To learn more about Save Civilian Education’s work, visit http://savecivilianeducation.org/.

You can visit Codepink's Divest from the War Machine website at https://www.divestfromwarmachine.org/ 

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DMZ: A Guide to Taking Your School Back From the MilitaryDMZ is a comprehensive counter military recruitment organizing manual for youth activists and their allies. This 48 page magazine-style handbook includes everything you need to know about organizing to keep military recruiters out of your school, including detailed legal information, concrete campaign suggestions, and up-to-date statistics. (You will need to request a copy as is out of circulation now.)

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Educators' TourThe human family consists for the most part of wonderfully ordinary people, who work hard to care for themselves and their children. However, there are a few people who aspire to positions of power, and then work to use their authority to manipulate and control all the others.

Educators' tour is about how youth are militarized and how the educational system plays a primary role in shaping the view of citizens about militarism in society.

Published 2008

Gary Evans, MD

19 pages

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